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Forest Management


As a full-service company, we offer clients a complete line of services all under one roof. Contracting with Western Maine Timberlands, Inc. means you are eliminating multiple contracts.

Additional forestry services include boundary line identification and maintenance, timber marking and timber cruises.

Timberland Assessment

A free timberland assessment of your property will provide a summary of the stand types, the health of the forest, recommendations for enhancing wildlife, an aesthetics improvement and options for generating profitable margins through harvesting.

Maine Tree Growth Program

By enrolling in Maine’s tree growth program, you can often decrease your tax liability, which can be substantial. Enrolling your property ensures it will be officially designated as a working forest. Not sure you want to enroll your property? Call us and we will help determine if the program is right for you.

New Hampshire's Current-Use Plans

Much like Maine’s tree growth program, New Hampshire's current-use program ensures land can officially be designated as a working forest, as well as a decreased tax liability. With both plans, we take care of filing with the appropriate municipalities and monitoring deadlines.

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